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  • The Dawn of Corporate Pot

    (image CBC – the Current) By Dean Schwind I have been ranting about the coming corporate pot apocalypse for a little while now. Any OG will tell you that they can sniff out a cartel in the pot world like they can sniff out mold in the grow room. It clear to many of us […]

  • Barriers to Hemp Production Crumpling

    By Diane Walsh   Why Not Hemp Paper? Half of the world’s forests have been cut to make paper from wood. Sad, don’t you think? Here’s something you can do about deforestation. Seek out an alternative—fibre sources derived from hemp, that are fresh tree-free. Though not widely publicized, the hemp paper market does exist. It […]

  • The Grand HC Hustle

    Health Canada  announced this week that they are finally getting around to enforcing long-known rules in regard to how LP’s can market their medical weeds. After sending a memo out last June warning lp’s to get in line, but otherwise dithering for most of 2014, the ornery agency finally posted on their website this week […]