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  • Hemp Machines

    by Ted Smith After decades of attempts by inventors around the world, George Schlichten announced the successful creation of a decorticator in the summer of 1917.  Just one year after the fact hemp hurds could be used for paper was discovered, this seemed to give hemp the boost it needed to retain its place as […]


    Ted Smith Though the last edition was dedicated to Jack Herer, it seemed appropriate to me to wait until we were celebrating the 15th anniversary of the International Hempology 101 Society to pay tribute to him. You would not be reading this if Jack had done something else with his life. Hempology 101 would not […]

  • Issue #25 Summer 2010

    Jack Herer 1939-2010 Contents Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Clubs Raided Publisher’s Note Editorial New Clubs Opened Bill S-10 Hempology 101 10 Places For Activists to Focus Jack Herer MP Dr. Keith Martin Interview Product Testing Cops and Cannabis Islamic Hashish Culture Pt.2 Member Profile Homebase Pot Poem Team 420 Racing Cannabis Carols Cannabis Crossword Club Listings […]