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  • Updates From the Valley

      Pitt Meadows—the most ban happy town in the west—has succeeded in passing the first Canadian bylaw banning caregivers from growing marijuana for patients in their homes, or on farms. Original reports of the bylaw indicated the ban would be on growing legal marijuana entirely within its jurisdiction’s agricultural and residential zones, but the final […]

  • Remember Me the Way I Was

    The road to medical freedom is still rocky By Joy Davies “Remember me the way I was” is what the note said that the policeman found on Priscilla’s bathroom counter. My God, after 10 years of living with excruciating pain, after 10 years of doctors and specialists, they put her through every pharmaceutical they could […]

  • Cannabis Compliance in the UK

    How Jim “Pinky” Starr is Legally Allowed to Bring Cannabis Into the UK By Mark Knowles Good news, in my last update I mentioned meeting U.K. cannabis activist Jim “Pinky” Starr, at the UK Hemp expo last year. Well, it looks like he has found a loophole in the law here in Britain, under article […]

  • An Interview With: Elizabeth May

    The Greens on mandatory minimums and legalization Cannabis Digest: Do you know anything about Hempology 101 in Victoria, or what we do as an organization? Elizabeth May: No We have been involved in the Victoria scene for 15 years. We are an advocacy group for hemp and marijuana—both sides of the cannabis coin. We have […]


      We call the police in times of trouble. Often we are thankful for their protection and services when we have been victimized. We see them directing traffic on busy street corners, or walking the beat; we also see them at rallies and protests keeping an eye on things, making sure they don’t get out […]


    Victoria NDP MP speaks out against Conservative crime bills and mandatory minimum sentences By Kristen Mann I sat done with Victoria MP Denise Savioe for a conversation about marijuana, the recent bill C-15, the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, and the NDP drug policy. The New Year’s surprise prorogation forced C-15 to be dropped from its […]

  • Bill C-15 Flawed By Design

    By Matt Elrod No matter your opinion of the Harper government, the Conservatives seem to think poorly of Canadians – and perhaps rightfully so. The Conservatives have been pushing a cynical, populist, “tough-on-crime” agenda since gaining office, and daring the opposition to stand in their way. The record shows that the Conservatives do not sincerely […]