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  • Alaska, Oregon and DC legalize Cannabis

    2 American States and a federal district voted in favor of cannabis legalization this week. Following on the heels of the Colorado and Washington State; Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC have now ditched prohibition for a form of legal regulation. The votes of November 2014 will be remembered as a great victory by the cannabis […]

  • Legal Medical Marijuana – 5 Social Impacts

    1) Fewer Deaths from Opiates The number of deaths involving commonly prescribed painkillers is higher than the number of deaths by overdose from heroin and cocaine combined, according  to researchers at McGill University. Currently, the U.S and Canada rank #1 and #2 in per capita opioid consumption. Medical Marijuana looks to be a far safer […]

  • The Policy That Could: Reflections on an Interview With a Young Liberal

    On May 2, 2011, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) suffered the worst defeat in its political history.  Having won 34 out of 308 federal seats, the party found itself knocked into third place for the first time.  It had a mere 19% of the vote, and held only 4 seats west of Ontario.  For many it was a profound shock, raising for the first time the question of the party’s survival.  One […]