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  • Looking Back on Legalization from the Future

      Jerry Golick, from the future… Dateline: April 20, 2018 4:00 PM It is an odd and bittersweet moment, though on the surface it seems perfectly normal. At the age of 66, I find myself in a most familiar place, that is, sitting in my favourite chair, about to engage in one of my most […]

  • Licensed Producers Get Some Sympathy

    by Jerry Golick Only in Canada, eh? You know, despite how it seems de rigueur for all “real” pro-cannabis activists to hate those money-grubbing, corporate, greedy, licensed medical cannabis producers, I’ve got to admit that I am starting to feel sorry for them. On the one hand, their costs to set up and maintain their […]

  • Personal Gardens are the Foundation

    Allowing Home Gardens Must Be Foundational To Any Future Cannabis Regulation Policy By Judith Stamps The title you’ve just read is the conclusion to today’s blog.  To arrive at it, I followed this series of thoughts.   1. PROPERTY:   In the early modern era—17th and early 18th centuries—political theorists asked themselves this question: If […]