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Who Discovered THC?  Setting the Record Straight

Anyone who delves into cannabis history, in pulp form or online, will have read that THC, the molecule and its specific structure, was discovered in 1964 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Israeli researcher, Raphael Mechoulam and his associates.  Cannabis Culture calls him ‘The Man.”  If books aren’t your favourite, do a Google search on who discovered THC and you will see this fact for yourself.  Until […]


Crossword Puzzle

Across 3. the Oakland Cannabis College is called 8. Queen _ used Cannabis for menstrueal pains 10. Harry J._ 11. the worlds largest hemp producer 12. UK Prof. Nutt was sacked for reporting that Cannabis, LSD and _ are safer than alcohol 15. _ _ : the business behind getting high 16. Cleanest Inhalation method […]