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  • Holy Smoke! – 5 Faiths That Praise The Pot Plant

    By Calli Walton Cannabis has grown and evolved alongside humans for thousands of years. Evidence has come forward that our relationship with the Cannabis plant dates back to (and may have even been a cause of) the neo-lithic revolution at the end of the last ice age. It comes from the Earth and provides us […]

  • Cannabis Extracts throughout History: Part 3

    Cannabis in the Modern Era In the second part of this series on Cannabis Extracts in History I looked at references from 1CE to the 17th century when cannabis began to emerge in the west as a prominent medicine. The modern era is dominated by prohibition. Check out this ‘History of marijuana law in the […]

  • Concentrating on Cannabinoids

    (figure 1) CDSA Schedule 2   Exploring methods of cannabis resin extraction By Owen Smith What we legalized in 2012 In my last article I chronicled the constitutional challenge for cannabis extraction that I helped bring before the BC Supreme Court earlier this year. The result of the case was the immediate freedom of people […]