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  • Justice Matters: Pardons

    By Jesse Stamm Happy New Year! This article will provide an overview of the consequences of having a criminal record. As many of you may well know, having any criminal convictions for a cannabis offence (even if you only received probation as a sentence) can affect your ability to travel to other countries—particularly the United […]

  • Noddy’s Update From The UK

    By Mark Knowles Well, it looks like Britain is in a cannabis spin—again. After what looked like a successful trip to Holland and back for U.K. medpot users under the Schengen agreement: article 75 1. As regards the movement of travelers to the territories of the Contracting Parties or their movement within these territories, persons […]


      We call the police in times of trouble. Often we are thankful for their protection and services when we have been victimized. We see them directing traffic on busy street corners, or walking the beat; we also see them at rallies and protests keeping an eye on things, making sure they don’t get out […]