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  • Medical Marijuana Patient Revolt

    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the Minister responsible for Health Canada, Rona Ambrose sure looked like the April Fool this year. Instead of Apr. 1, 2014 being the big day for a new commercial medical cannabis industry to take full control of the market, an injunction has thrown off the government’s plan. While no one can know for certain […]

  • Master of the Courtroom

    John Conroy leads fight against MMPR   By Al Graham I can remember sitting around and talking with friends back in 2003 about two court cases that could have brought an end to cannabis prohibition in Canada. At that time people were really hoping for a green Christmas. No not a snowless green Christmas, but […]

  • New Regulations Create Chaos

    Health Canada puts squeeze on patients and dispensaries By Ted Smith After over a decade of the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, the persistent problems with the system have given the government the opportunity to justify taking the program in another direction. The new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations throw patients under a big, fully licensed […]