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  • The Clone Corner Plant Cloning RECIPE

    Brent H. Clone Corner Riddle me this Riddle me that, how do I get my plant roots to act? We all love this plant and what it can do, yet what seems like an easy endeavour can become troublesome when propagating cuttings from mother plants. Here are some tips to follow that will make all […]

  • Vegan Black Bean Cannabutter Brownies

    Cannabis Digest is happy to bring you weekly episodes of the Cannaisseur with Caelan Walton, but you don’t have to wait, visit the youtube page and subscribe for more videos. Vegan Black Bean Brownie Cannabutter Recipe [Tutorial] – Episode #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmAH5yBhfrc In episode 2 of The Cannaisseur I’ll be using the cannabutter we made in episode […]

  • HC Hustle; Concentrated Oil and Vapor Lounges (EP 012)

    The Health Canada Hustle; Concentrated Cannabis Oil; Toronto Vapor Lounges and more from the Cannabis Digest this week November 29nd – December 5th, 2014 with Owen Smith Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!   Saturday Al Graham part of a new commercial industry—a business that caters to consumers in a way to allow them to consume […]

  • Holiday Cannabis Treats: Poppy Pot Now!

    One of the most wonderful things my love, Gayle Quin, has created is Poppy-pot.  Now most of you have never heard of Poppy-pot because we have never sold it and it only seems to be available once a year.  We are about to change that.  Poppy-pot should be available every day. Until now, one could […]