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Holiday Cannabis Treats: Poppy Pot Now!

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One of the most wonderful things my love, Gayle Quin, has created is Poppy-pot.  Now most of you have never heard of Poppy-pot because we have never sold it and it only seems to be available once a year.  We are about to change that.  Poppy-pot should be available every day.

Until now, one could only get Poppy-pot if you were a member of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club and showed up Christmas Day.  When I owned the club I would dress up in a custom-made Santa Cannabis suit and hand out small bags of Poppy-pot that my little elves made.  Of course, Santa would get his fair share, as the Poppy-pot needs to be constantly checked to make sure it has the right moisture and consistency.

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Now that the club is a non-profit society and I am busy looking after my love, no such scene will happen this year.  Hence it is time to release the recipe to the most addictive way to infuse cannabis into food that I know of.  Seriously, if you use high quality products it is very easy to convince yourself that this is very healthy food and that it is ok to eat some for breakfast, lunch, snacks or every time you go into the kitchen.

Some variations to this ancient recipe can be made.  If you prefer, using coconut sugar and syrup is more expensive but very tasty and good for people trying to avoid sugar.  While the lecithin can be skipped, one should not underestimate how much it helps the body absorb cannabinoids faster and more efficiently.  Lecithin is also super food for nerves and other issues so the VCBC includes it in most of its edible products.  Adding hemp hearts is another way of improving the nutritional content of Poppy-pot, turning it into a complete meal!

Good luck saving some for the next day if you only make one batch.  Hempy holidaze everyone.

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Poppy-Pot Recipe:

4 cups freshly popped corn lightly salted,
1 cup nuts,
1 cup brown sugar,
1 tablespoon lecithin,
1/3 cup pot butter or Cannoil,
1/2 cup corn syrup (light),
1/2 teaspoon vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.

Directions: Put popcorn and nuts in shallow roasting pan (large pan). In heavy saucepan mix sugar, lecithin and corn syrup. Stir over medium heat until boiling. Continue boiling 5 min. without stirring. Remove from heat; add vanilla, pot butter or Cannoil, baking soda, and mix well.

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Pour over popcorn and nuts; stir to coat well. Stir several times while cooling to keep from sticking together too much. Cool, break apart and store in tightly covered container.

Cool on lightly buttered pan.

This recipe for Poppy-Pot serves / makes 4 cups.

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