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  • What Are Needs? And Who Gets to Define Them? Reflections on Cannabis Law

    Judith Stamps Biologically, a need is something required by a living organism, something that enables it to live a healthy life, and the deficiency of which would bring adversity. Psychologically, it is something that drives organisms to acquire the things needed. In the late 1960s, American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, identified what he called a hierarchy […]

  • Lisa ‘MamaKind’ Kirkman Versus Alberta

    Lisa Mamakind Kirkman’s Battles in the Badlands of Alberta By Dean Schwind If you think this story is about the famous sexpot goddess, activist, writer, caregiver, overgrower, and icon in the war to free the weed, Mamakind, you’re wrong.  This is about Lisa Kirkman, a woman, a mom, a partner, and a patient who is […]

  • When Cops Don’t Care – What To Do When Your Rights Are Being Violated

    By Calli Walton My mother always told me as a child that if I needed help I could run to a police officer, but something very unfortunate has been happening as I grow older – Police officers all over the world seem to have regressed away from the friendly lawmen we knew we could trust […]

  • U.S. Investigators Listening in on Cell Calls

    Feds’ New Cell Phone Spying Device Raising Privacy Concerns   By Clarence Walker Blocked by a Supreme Court decision from using GPS tracking devices without a warrant, federal investigators and other law enforcement agencies are turning to a new, more powerful and more threatening technology in their bid to spy more freely on those they […]