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  • A Simple Guide To Making Rosin

    Hanna Kyla-Junnila -ROSIN- Thanks to an emerging solventless technique called “rosin” technology, concentrate enthusiasts and patients alike are now able to enjoy the effects of concentrates without having to be concerned over the solvents used for extraction. Rosin utilizes extreme heat and pressure to extract the resin from the plant, thus eliminating tedious purge and […]

  • From Grease to Grass: Oil Speculation

    Jerry Golick For a while now we have been hearing lots of “doom and gloom”  coming from Canada’s oil industry. The dramatic fall in the price of “black gold” is understandably troubling for many in the Alberta oil patch. Given the importance of oil to our economy, this is of course a dire concern for […]

  • Explaining Cannabis Concentrates

    Originally posted on Lift! By Owen Smith As jurisdictions in the United States and around the world begin to repeal aspects of cannabis prohibition, the emerging businesses and production facilities have begun to introduce a higher standard for cannabis derivative products. Testing laboratories have the ability to isolate and reject contaminants and meet requirements for […]