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A Simple Guide To Making Rosin

Hanna Kyla-Junnila


Thanks to an emerging solventless technique called “rosin” technology, concentrate enthusiasts and patients alike are now able to enjoy the effects of concentrates without having to be concerned over the solvents used for extraction. Rosin utilizes extreme heat and pressure to extract the resin from the plant, thus eliminating tedious purge and evaporation processes that could take days to complete.

When comparing rosin to BHO, the two are indistinguishable on an aesthetic level. Rosin, when extracted properly, retains just as many valuable terpenes that account for the pungent and aromatic flavours present in other cannabis concentrates.

Extraction Method

Perhaps the reason why rosin has been widely embraced by the cannabis community is that the sheer simplicity of the technology allows cannabis users with no prior chemistry or extraction experience, to try it for themselves safely, and with no risk. Rosin can be easily extracted at home with the following items:

1. Electric hair straightener

2. Parchment paper (unbleached, if possible)

3. A collection tool (either metal or glass material, a dabber tool works)

4. Heat-resistant gloves (safety first!)

5. Quality cannabis (ensure that your flower is resinous as this will produce better yields)

Steps To Make Rosin

1. Turn your hair straightener to the lowest setting (280-300F: anything higher and you will be losing valuable terpenes), and cut yourself a square of parchment paper.  Fold the paper in half and place your starting material in between the folded parchment paper.

2. Carefully line up the buds inside of the parchment paper with your hair straightener and apply very firm pressure (some prefer to stand on their hair straightener to apply the firmest possible pressure – be careful you don’t break your heating tool!) for about 5-7 seconds.You will want to hear a sizzle before you remove the heat and pressure – this indicates that the resin has melted from your plant material.

3. Remove the parchment from your hair straightener and unfold the paper. You can toss away the flattened nug, and use your collection tool to capture the fresh rosin you’ve pressed. For larger batches you should press on a new square of parchment each time and then collect all of the rosin at the end. You could also place the parchment in the freezer for a few second to stabilize the rosin if it’s quite sappy.  This will help to collect the extract.

4. Temperature is everything when it comes to rosin pressing!Lower temperatures (200’s) give a lower yield but the end product is very flavourful and stable (hard and has a shatter-like consistency). Higher temperatures (300’s) give a larger yield but the end product is less flavourful and less stable (sappy).

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