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  • Interview with Dr. Lester Grinspoon

    By Patrick Dewals Dr. Lester Grinspoon is associate professor emeritus of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. He researched the medicinal legitimacy of the marihuana prohibition forty five years ago and discovered that an immense chain of lies served as a base for sending millions of people to jail the last four decades and a […]

  • EDITORIAL: The Clear Green Skies

    Andrew Brown Editor It’s pretty amazing being able to sit back and watch the wall of prohibition self destruct. Well, perhaps it isn’t all self destruction, rather decades of dedicated activism persistently pointing out the deceit that the prohibition of cannabis was built on, but nonetheless it is the bold lies of the past eighty […]

  • The Decline of Islamic Hashish Culture

    An excerpt from the forthcoming book Cannabis and the Soma Solution (Pt.1) By Chris Bennett Current Canadian and European Government attempts to link cannabis with schizophrenia through funded studies, have their historical predecessors in nineteenth century India and the Mid East, when Britain and other European countries tried to demonize the effects of indigenous cannabis […]