EDITORIAL: The Clear Green Skies

Andrew Brown


It’s pretty amazing being able to sit back and watch the wall of prohibition self destruct. Well, perhaps it isn’t all self destruction, rather decades of dedicated activism persistently pointing out the deceit that the prohibition of cannabis was built on, but nonetheless it is the bold lies of the past eighty years that are truly the cracks in the cement.
Nearly every day there are newspaper articles and editorials, from across Canada and all over the world, pointing to the failure and destruction of the drug war. In B.C., some very prominent political figures have joined together to form the Stop the Violence B.C. campaign (which you can read about in this issue), and this past weekend (Apr. 15) Vancouver Island municipal politicians voted seventy-five percent in favour of supporting this initiative at their annual conference. Other communities across the province are also signing on, sending the Canadian federal government—arrogantly rebranded the Harper government (but that’s another rant)—the message that B.C. does not support cannabis prohibition.
A few short months ago we were seeing a dim future with bill C-10 about to pass, but it has seemed almost anti-climactic. Perhaps that observation is pre-mature, but there is so much light shining on the fight.
Owen’s bakery trial finally forced the MMAR to recognize cannabis extracts and preparations, and as Ted stated: “We took THC and cannabis away from pharmaceutical companies […] and put it back in people’s backyards where they can make their own medicines.” Next up is Matt Mernagh’s trial in May, which will hopefully add one more blow to the pot laws and sink this dying ship.
Prohibitionists are desperately throwing everything they have at the white elephant they gifted themselves. Nonsense studies like linking pot use to testicular cancer, and constantly using the psychosis/schizophrenia argument—that is easily debunked by looking at the fact that schizophrenia rates have not increased with population consumption rates—are signs that they are grasping for anything.
Look back at the arguments that convinced our governments to instate prohibition, quoting Harry Anslinger: “Marihuana is more dangerous than heroin or cocaine,” “Makes darkies think they’re as good as white men,” and “Marihuana is the most violent drug in the history of mankind.” This stuff is ridiculous, and few, if any, prohibition supporters would dare cite it. So why do people believe the hype now? Question everything, and make up your own opinions through proper research.
The truth

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown is the editor of the Cannabis Digest.

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