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  • Pot Cafe Gives Winnipeg Hope

    By Bill VanderGraaf “It is a plant for the people, medicine and food, why not legal ” says John Tran, as he, Leah Kent, and her husband Eddy, try to convince me to work with them on a Medical Marijuana Lounge in Winnipeg. Most importantly they had located a rental premise in Winnipeg that was […]

  • Sometimes, Dreams Come True : Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club incorporates and takes charge

      When I started the Victoria Canna- bis Buyers’ Club almost 17 years ago, I dreamed about the organization operat- ing as a nonprofit society out of a store. At the time I was 26, living in a van, and eating at soup kitchens. The plan was to break the law, selling cannabis prod- ucts […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin I’m celebrating this issue more than I do most. I’ve just had my 11 month check-up and I’m all clear of cancer. I can’t thank everyone enough for all your love and concern. My heart swells with joy as I feel all the good wishes pouring in. Once again, I humbly thank […]


    Looking back at past fifteen years with the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada By Ted Smith Fifteen years ago it occurred to me that society had created a medical emergency. The proposed goals of prohibition were health, peace, and prosperity. After decades of enforcement and lies, the war on drugs has dramatically hurt our ability […]

  • EDITORIAL: Activate Your Activism

    Andrew Brown Editor Thanks for picking up this issue of the Cannabis Digest. I have had a great time putting it together for you, and encourage you to write us letters and become engaged with the paper. We want to tailor our content to suit our readers’ interest, so feedback is important. I’m pretty lucky […]