Author: Gayle Quin

  • The Gayle Quin Chronicles

    Happy spring everyone. It sure is great to be here still.  Thank you so much to all of you amazing people who have been sending me love, medicine, food, company and healing thoughts and energy. What a year so far!  A very special thank you to all of the club members for helping make history […]

  • A Note From Gayle Quin

    By Gayle Quin Well wonders never cease, I know that for sure.  And wonders take you everywhere.  I know that too.  So on with the next wonder. I am writing this today to move on to another chapter in my life.  It has been a different year with my health and my main focus must […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #42

    By Gayle Quin High there folks.  I hope you have had a great summer.  It has been a blur for me.  Can you believe it?  We are at issue #42!  Bigger and better than ever.  So my sincere thanks to everyone who has written, advertised, drawn and helped distribute our little paper.  But the biggest […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions, Issue 41

    By Gayle Quin What a beautiful spring we have had.  Thanks, Mother Nature, for making up for a horrible winter.  My heart was full of empathy for all of you living in the East.  I hope your summer shines bright on your gardens and on your lives. I have greatly missed seeing all of the […]

  • Compassion in my life

    I first found the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club when I was homeless and off my provincial disability.  Being homeless in Victoria at the age of 45 was overwhelming at times to say the least.  I first heard of the club when I was still living on Saltspring Island.  I read a newspaper about the VCBC […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    First off—WOW! Issue number 40. This feels more exciting than my 40th birthday will! It has been a great pleasure and joy to be able to contribute over the years. There have most certainly been a lot of changes, and more are on the way. I can finally say with conviction: “the end is near. […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin I hope this issue finds you well and cozy. It was most certainly a crazy start to winter. Thanks for all the greats costumes on All Hallow’d Eve this year. Folks really got into the spirit of their alter selves. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The hot box was a […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

     Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions By Gayle Quin It was a bright and sunny day when I left off last time. It was smooth sailing to Vancouver, and fairly smooth sailing throughout the weekend. My most humble thanks to Sandra and Remo for putting together the 1st Vancouver Health Expo. It was a weekend combined with […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin Happy Summer! I hope you’ve had as much fun this spring as I have. The Reach For the Pot Tournament has been exceptionally quick and high scoring this season. With teams very closely matched, there has been lots of excitement for teams and on-lookers alike. I’d like to give a big thanks […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestionsadvertise

    By Gayle Quin I am going to start this issue with a heartfelt thanks to Minneh Kamau-Bushby. She has been a shining light, our Rock of Gibraltar, a never-ending supply of love and light, and captain of the guard around the front desk post for 11 years at VCBC. Sadly, she has left the club […]