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  • Herb on the Run, TC 10K

    Check out this short Video I put together of the footage of Hempology mascot Herb running the Times Colonist 10K marathon. Big thanks to the Bong Station team and the Photo and Video takers. Despite getting a late start, and it being a windy day, Herb hit the bong and ran the Marathon: An amazing […]

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions #48

    (cover image from Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History) Ted Smith Well I may as well start with the most important update. My love, Gayle Quin, is still with us and will be celebrating her 59th birthday on April 16. Although she was sent home to die over 500 days ago, thanks to volumes of […]

  • Cannabis and Teamwork: The Blazers

    (Photo via Warren Chan) Owen Smith After I finished high school there were just a few social groups that I remained in contact with: there were my soccer buddies and my weed smoking friends, two groups that overlapped.  Part of this overlapping group were some of my closest friends.  After a day of smoking cannabis […]

  • Team 420 Dodgeball Tournament Coming Soon

    By Ted Smith 1st Annual Team 420 Dodgeball Tournament Coming Soon One of the stereotypes faced by cannabis consumers is that we are lazy.  Team 420 is going to change that.  It is time potheads came out of the closet.  It is time to have some fun. On Saturday Aug 8 the first Annual Team […]