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  • Timeline – Marijuana Prohibition in the UK

    A Timeline of Marijuana Prohibition in the UK [i]   The Years 1928-1945   In 1928, the UK’s Dangerous Drugs Act comes into force, making marijuana illegal in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  This date places the UK at the midpoint of the dark era.  Dates of prohibition for other areas in the English-Speaking […]

  • UK Drug Policy Slow to Shift

    High Cannabis Digesters!! First off, one of the good pieces of news to digest is the release of Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, after almost 5 years incarcerated in a land he was not allowed to visit on his own. It is great to see him and his wife Jodie reunited. They are now […]

  • A Note From the UK Connection : Social clubs bringing acivists together

    High everyone, from the UK to all CD readers! Noddy here with an update of what is going on in the cannabis move- ment this side of the pond. I also better take this opportunity to introduce myself a little bit,as some of you maybe wonder- ing who I am.I am a 42 year old […]

  • U.K. Update

    High in the UK By Mark Knowles (aka Noddy420) High Hempos, Here’s an update from the UK, which already has worse prohibition laws than those that were in bill C-15. The cannabis movement in the UK has been driven very much underground with the constant bombardment of lies and misinformation spewing from the government and […]