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The First-Ever Women in Cannabis Study

Today we received an email from Windy Borman about a new study taking place to gather data on women working in the cannabis industry in Canada and the US. We wanted to share the study here to increase the reach of the study and to contribute to the data’s accuracy. 

Windy Borman, director of “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed” has partnered with Lady Jane Branding and Wolfe Research & Consulting to bring the first study about women’s professional experience in cannabis.

The study is taking place in the format of a 20 minute online survey where women in the field can participate in sharing their experiences of the cannabis industry. The data collected is important because it is a method of setting a standard benchmark of how women are faring in the industry. The data also provides tools when making cases for programs, subsidies and other equity policies to be put into place because we will have the numbers to verify the needs for services.

Take and Share the Survey:

From the promotional email:
To be academically rigorous, we want to have a minimum of 1,000 female and non-binary participants. The 80-question survey takes approximately 20 minutes, so it is a time investment, but the data is worth it!
Participants should be work professionally in the cannabis industry in the U.S., Canada or abroad. And we don’t just want to hear from the CEOs or people in the C-Suite!
We want to hear from bud tenders, growers, scientists, extraction and edible manufacturers, lawyers, doctors, activists, and more. If you touch the plant or work in an ancillary business, we want to hear from you. Add Your Voice.