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  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions # 47

    Ted Smith On Jan 31, 2016, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a potluck party to follow its Annual General Meeting.  The organization has come a long way since those days, two decades ago, during which I was supplying cannabis products by delivering to patients from the van in […]

  • Full Issue – Fall 2015

     Full Issue – Fall 2015, Cannabis Digest

  • Cannabis Digest Halloweed Cover

    Cover Art by Georgia Toons Happy Halloweed from the Cannabis Digest. Pick up a Copy near you or read it online.   See more from Georgia on the Cannabis Digest On FB,Twitter,PIN: Georgia Toons Daily Blah Blah Blog and Cartoon! <>< Have Faith ☮♥   Georgiatoons shall own all intellectual property, including copyrights, models […]

  • Cannabis Digest Crossword: Toking Politicians

    By Owen Smith The Cannabis Digest has featured a Crossword section in the back pages for the past dozen issues. Follow This link to play the latest Cannabis Digest Crossword Online: Toking Politicians

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions – Issue 46

    (Ted and Gayle’s first Halloween together) Updates, Warnings and Suggestions – Issue 46 By Ted Smith It has been an exciting fall for the Cannabis Digest and the International Hempology 101 Society.  In Sept we celebrated 20 years of Hempology 101 in Victoria with our annual march from City Hall to the legislature.  For highlights please read […]

  • Publisher Note: The Critical Moment

    By Ted Smith After years of hard work by many people, the Cannabis Digest is growing by leaps and bounds. Its potential, though, is still much greater.  With so much happening in the cannabis scene, the limits seem boundless. For dedicated readers, the 12-page growth spurt we have just experienced will be obvious and impressive.  […]

  • Editors Note – Autumn Leaves

    By Judith Stamps Here we are in the season of Home Canning, Harvest festivals, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the dreaded Federal Election, a festival of sorts that we add once every four years.  It isn’t an enjoyable festival, though, and it is hardly an ancient tradition.  On some days it is so tedious, so juvenile, and […]

  • Cannabis Digest Summer 2015 – Issue 45 Full

    Cannabis Digest Issue #45

  • My “Job” as Cannabis Digest Publisher

    By Ted Smith Most of us identify who we are by what we do for work.  Most people with a trade or skill in the cannabis industry have no problem helping others understand what they do by using a simple label like a grower, dealer or employee in a vapor lounge.  My work, though, is […]

  • Licensed Producers Get Some Sympathy

    by Jerry Golick Only in Canada, eh? You know, despite how it seems de rigueur for all “real” pro-cannabis activists to hate those money-grubbing, corporate, greedy, licensed medical cannabis producers, I’ve got to admit that I am starting to feel sorry for them. On the one hand, their costs to set up and maintain their […]