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  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions # 45

    By Ted Smith Well it has been a very exciting spring for us at the Cannabis Digest.  A victory party was held at Gayle Quin’s property after the June 11 Supreme Court of Canada victory, giving supporters a chance to celebrate with her, Owen Smith, Kirk Tousaw, myself and many other activists.  The joy could […]

  • Scribbles From the Editor

    This week Issue 45 of the Cannabis Digest is printed, be sure to find a FREE copy at your local dispensary or headshop. By Judith Stamps Welcome to Issue 45 of the Cannabis Digest.  Welcome to the summer of 2015.  And welcome to the sound of prohibition’s millstone grinding to a halt.  To date, 23 […]

  • Vancouver Cannabis Conference July 19th

    By Owen Smith On Sunday, July 19th, Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre will host the 2015 Vancouver Cannabis Conference.  With the city recently voting to regulate dispensaries and the Federal government maintaining their opposition: this year’s Federal election looms. Panels of experts have been formed to discuss the Medicinal Use of Cannabis; The Historical, Sacred, […]

  • Hand Rubbed Hash

    By Owen Smith While not as ideal as dry sifting and making water hash, hand rubbing is the most basic method of separating the medicinal trichome heads from the body of the plant. This important step is at the centre of the constitutional challenge that I took to the Supreme Court of Canada in March […]

  • Cannabis Digest Spring 2015 – Issue 44 Full

    Cannabis Digest Issue #44

  • Updates, Warnings and Suggestions # 44

    By Ted Smith It has been a busy winter preparing for the Supreme Court of Canada trial and there is much relief that it is over.  At least the hard work is over and now we are preparing to celebrate when the decision comes down.  Owen Smith has gone from our head baker to a […]

  • Gardens Vs. Factories

    (Image By Mark Lehtimaki) Patients Fight to Keep Control of their Health, Plants and Cookies “My doctors told me I’d never walk again, never talk again. Marijuana is the difference maker,” Davey said. For the first time ever, a judge has heard arguments in the Federal Court of Canada between patients and the government on […]

  • A letter to Her Majesty the Queen Regarding Cannabis Extracts

    On March 20th, 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments for and against medical cannabis derivative products becoming legally available to authorized patients.  The courtroom was filled with supporters while many others watched in the overflow rooms and on the CPAC live stream.  The entire proceeding was recorded and is available to view online […]

  • Vancouver’s Green Rush

    Unprecedented Increase in Cannabis Dispensaries Causing Growing Pains When is something illegal? It’s a simple question with multiple answers depending upon what that “something” represents in the question.  In the case of medical marijuana, that simple question has become infinitely more complex in Canada than it used to be.  It is clear that according to […]

  • Victoria’s 420 Roots

    By Ted Smith This year marks 18 years of gathering at City Hall in Victoria B.C. on April 20 to smoke copious amounts of cannabis.  With an expected crowd of 2,000, it is one of the largest annual protests held in the provincial capital.  Many wonder how it got so big. The beginning of meeting […]