NEW PRODUCTS – available now at VCBC

Despite the constant threat of a raid, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club has been working hard to develop several new topical and edible cannabis products.  Some of these new products, like the CBD hash caps and Ice Cream have already hit the shelves. Other products like the suppositories, Melting Pot cream, CBD hash oil in bottles, and Heat Score Roll-On are still being developed.  

Having acquired a new connection to hemp hash high in CBD, the club is very happy to announce we have CBD hemp hash caps for sale for the first time.  Perfect for people with anxiety issues or for those trying to deal with pain but wanting to avoid any intoxication, these CBD hemp hash caps are available for the low price of $1.50.  In fact, after reviewing our costs we have dropped the price of all hash caps down to $1.50!  

The CBD hemp hash has a ratio of 3:1 of CBD:THC, with a total of 13 mg of CBD and 4 mg THC in each cap.  The same mixture of hemp hash, lecithin and MCT oil will soon also be available in three sizes of bottles, like our other CBD products.

Our new topical products are being designed by Vice-President of the VCBC, Clea Maclean, as we attempt to produce almost all of the products our members are used to from our own kitchen rather than relying on outside sources.  

The Ice Cream has already been a big hit at the club.  Made with a wide range of essential oils and a decent dose of CBD cannoil, this product will likely rival the Green Lion Salve in sales soon.  It contains an interesting list of essential oils in the coconut oil/mango butter/jojoba oil base that also contains some magnesium. The list includes menthol, camphor, peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, sweet birch, ginger, eucalyptus, turmeric, and juniper.

The list of essential oils in the Melting Pot cream include cinnamon, frankensense, myhrr, ginger, juniper, lavender, cayenne, ylang ylang and rosemary.  The base has just coconut and jojoba oil, plus there is some magnesium too. The Melting Pot is also full of CBD cannoil.

Clea is also working hard to make a roll-on oil that will contain a lot of essential oils and suppositories for those unable to swallow anything or who simply prefer that route of medicating themselves.  While it has been frustrating having products disappear from our shelves as we lose” contact with suppliers, this process has helped us become more independent, providing a special line of reduces only available to our members.  Having most of our edible and topical products coming from our own faculty will also be a critical factor in the kitchen’s transition into a legal processing company.