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Stoner Tips, Tricks and Highdea’s

Get ready to have your mind blown. I am sure it’s going to happen. Each of these thoughts were light bulb moments and my life has been better since these happy realizations. In the spirit of spreading joy, getting baked and making life easier, here are some highdeas and stoner tips.

Hair flat irons make a great at-home rosin press

Rosin is made using heat and pressure so all you need is parchment paper and flat iron, also known as a hair straightener. You can buy one at a thrift store. I have an old Conair monster that I never thought I would use again. With the setting on low, I put a bud between parchment paper, close it and literally stand on it. My weight plus the heat from the iron have always given me a decent yield. 

Don’t pay top dollar for silicone dab mats

They are called concentrates for a reason and when a piece goes flying, it can be expensive as well as hard to find. To give yourself an area to work with, get silicone mats at the dollar store and put them down on your dab station. A great tool for avoiding glue gun burns, these mats are cheap and easy to find in the craft section. Other places worth checking out are kitchen accessory and beauty supply stores.


Carry your torch in a flat iron carrier!

A case that is made to be heat resistant for a flat iron is likely to work for your torch. I love dabs on the go but I hate to wait for my torch to cool down. So, I went to the beauty supply store and found the perfect, silicone lined carrying purse! Now, I can stow it and go. 

Looking directly at a torch flame when you dab… without glasses


If you have ever seen live glass blowing, you know that the artists always wear something to protect their eyes. It makes sense. I hate to point this out but I am guilty of looking directly at a torch flame multiple times a day. Most of my friends do as well. Think about it; You don’t point your torch at a quartz banger and look away while directing the flame. It wouldn’t be safe. However, I’ll bet that you don’t wear eye protection when you do it either. A little bit is one thing but depending on the amount of dabs you take in a day, wearing glasses might not be a bad idea.

If you drop busted up weed or dabs

We stoners have all been there, myself included. You are down to the last of your dabs or maybe you only have what’s left in your buster, and it goes flying. The last morsel you have gets knocked all over the floor and its too small to pick up. Fear not stoners.

  1. Get your vacuum and detach the hose.
  2. Secure parchment paper over the top of the hose with an elastic or tape. Poke several small holes with a sewing needle or small pin. 
  3. Vacuum up your dabs or weed. The bigger pieces will collect on the parchment while the vacuum is on but beware stoner when you turn it off, the dabs or weed will fall. Make sure you have a tray underneath you.
stoner tips
Julia Veintrop
From an early age, Julia displayed a passion for writing and languages, a fascination with journalism and an amazing memory. Her career focus had been gaining skills and experience in many different fields of counselling. Her ambition to have a career as medical general practitioner was interrupted when she became very ill from cervical cancer and the procedures necessary to remove it, beginning almost seven years of severe medical issues. Using the written word as an avenue of release and feeling the miraculous benefits of cannabis first-hand, she developed her skills throughout her illness and shifted her focus to cannabis from the patient perspective. Today, she devotes her life to a cause she truly enjoys, cannabis activism, so that no one need suffer unnecessarily due to lack of education or access.