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  • On Cannabis and Alcohol

    On Cannabis and Alcohol: The Way I See It It is common to see social media posts stating that alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis; that the industry targets youth with kiddie drinks; and that it is the real ‘gateway drug’. There is truth here. Alcohol, if not generally dangerous, is more deadly than cannabis. […]

  • Cannabis and the Liquor Store Question

    Cannabis and the Liquor Store Question…or What to Think About Whilst Waiting to Find Out Who Will Govern BC In December of 2015 British Columbian cannabis buffs were confronted with a conundrum, a present, I fear, from Bad Santa, but then again, maybe not. BC has both government run and private liquor stores, normally competitors […]

  • How I Saved My Life From Booze With Cannabis

    Ted Smith This May long weekend marked 20 years since I have had a drink of alcohol, a decision that I believe saved my life from one of misery and woe.  Having dedicated my life to cannabis, quitting drinking was an easy decision to make for many reasons and one I cannot imagine regretting.   There […]