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  • Lobbying For Craft Cannabis

    Michael Geoghegan Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn has made no secret of the fact she wants marijuana in Ontario sold exclusively through government liquor stores, or the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) as they are known there, when the Trudeau government gets around to legalizing weed next year. As the Toronto Star reported a a […]

  • So This Is Transparency: A Timeline on Deciphering Trudeau

    Judith Stamps July 2013: At a political rally in Kelowna BC Justin Trudeau announces that he is in favour of legalizing and regulating the sale of Cannabis in Canada; cheers all ‘round. October 19, 2015: Trudeau wins a comfortable majority. His platform includes legalizing and regulating cannabis. Activists are cautiously optimistic. Trudeau strives for gender […]

  • More Raids on Dispensaries? What in Tarnation?

    Judith Stamps The recent raids on medical cannabis dispensaries in the cities of Nanaimo and Toronto remind us how tenuous is the situation for storefront providers of cannabis medicine. They depend on the charity, good will and enlightened attitudes of city councillors, law enforcement agents, health officials, neighbours, and anyone else with clout. Doctors remain […]

  • Looking Back on Legalization from the Future

      Jerry Golick, from the future… Dateline: April 20, 2018 4:00 PM It is an odd and bittersweet moment, though on the surface it seems perfectly normal. At the age of 66, I find myself in a most familiar place, that is, sitting in my favourite chair, about to engage in one of my most […]