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  • Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Edibles

  • Public Prosecutor Zealots Push For Toronto Police Raids

    Ted Smith Everyone knows by now that Toronto police raided 43 cannabis dispensaries on Thurs May 26 but it is still not clear to everyone who influenced the chief of police in his decision to create Project Claudia. ¬†Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are all washing their hands […]

  • Will Owen Smith Change The Law On June 11?

    For Immediate Release Mon June 8, 2015 Victoria, B.C.: On Thurs June 11, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada will hand down its decision in the trial of Owen Smith, former head baker for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.¬† This is the first time the highest court in the land has ruled on a medical […]

  • Why Does Vancouver City Council Want to Ban Edibles?

    The recent announcement by the city of Vancouver to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries is causing a stir on all sides. The federal government immediately denounced the decision, Rona Ambrose repeating that dispensaries are not part of the legal Medical Marihuana regulations (MMPR). Licensed producers have spoken to the value of their service as superseding the […]

  • RvSmith Extract Trial – Arrested and Charged

    (Read Part 1: The Journey Begins) (Owen Smith is writing a series of blogs to tell the whole story of the RvSmith Exract Trial that was recently heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.) Part 2: Arrested and Charged Leading up to my arrest I had plenty of time to think about the consequences of […]