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  • City of Victoria Cannabis Regulations Survey

    Owen Smith The City of Victoria is currently exploring potential regulations relating to the operation of medical marijuana-related businesses within the municipality. There are only three days left to complete this survey created by the Victoria City Council to inform the regulation of medical cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE 20 years after the […]

  • Victoria’s Dispensary Rules Could Negatively Affect Patients

    Ted Smith While there is a great deal to celebrate, the new regulations being proposed for medical cannabis stores in Victoria, B.C. have a few serious problems.  Hopefully the members of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club will be able to convince the city councillors that amendments or exemptions to these regulations will help ensure this […]

  • Victoria Supports Medical Cannabis

    By Ted Smith Since moving to Victoria to be a cannabis activist in 1995, I have endeavored to pressure the city council into supporting the use of cannabis as medicine in all sorts of ways.  This constant interaction has yielded many rewards, along with a few disappointments, helping to establish Victoria as one of the […]

  • Vaping in the “Big Smoke”

    By Al Graham From where I’m sitting, it looks like cannabis is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. It has become part of regular television, with programs such as Weeds and Weed Wars, and it’s part of our clothing industry, as many people have a shirt, a jacket, or some other article with a […]