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  • My heart felt thanks to Mayor Helps and Council

    Deborah Diduck Dear Mayor Helps and Council Members: Ted Smith, Founder of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club and Publisher of the Cannabis Digest, wrote an excellent article in the latest issue, #49, updating everyone on the positive progress of “Dispensing Licenses:  Victoria Creating Best Cannabis Bylaws in Canada”.  In my understanding this is all due to […]

  • City of Victoria Cannabis Regulations Survey

    Owen Smith The City of Victoria is currently exploring potential regulations relating to the operation of medical marijuana-related businesses within the municipality. There are only three days left to complete this survey created by the Victoria City Council to inform the regulation of medical cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE 20 years after the […]

  • Cannabis Politics in BC:  Local Government Takes the Lead

        On May 14 2015, under the direction of Mayor Lisa Helps, Victoria City Council voted to follow Vancouver City Council’s lead and regulate medical cannabis dispensaries as legitimate, taxable Victoria businesses.  Over the next few weeks, in conjunction with the city’s legislative and regulatory offices, city police, and senior members of the cannabis […]

  • Smoking Out Toronto : Activists fighting for the right to smoke in Canada’s biggest city

    This summer, the Toronto cannabis scene has been like no other. Almost every week there is some event, show, or court case held somewhere in and around the city. While these don’t always make the news, this past summer saw two situations that went mainstream. These would be the Superior Court Case of Matt Mernagh, […]

  • Vaping in the “Big Smoke”

    By Al Graham From where I’m sitting, it looks like cannabis is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. It has become part of regular television, with programs such as Weeds and Weed Wars, and it’s part of our clothing industry, as many people have a shirt, a jacket, or some other article with a […]

  • RCMP Raid Four BC Clubs

    The weather wasn’t the only thing out of sync in British Colombia this summer. Along with the uncharacteristically cool temperatures, relations between compassion clubs/dispensaries and the RCMP took a chilly turn, and patients were left out in the cold. In just over a month, RCMP raided four cannabis club/dispensaries. The first was raided a mere […]