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My heart felt thanks to Mayor Helps and Council

Deborah Diduck

Dear Mayor Helps and Council Members:

Ted Smith, Founder of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club and Publisher of the Cannabis Digest, wrote an excellent article in the latest issue, #49, updating everyone on the positive progress of “Dispensing Licenses:  Victoria Creating Best Cannabis Bylaws in Canada”.  In my understanding this is all due to a supportive Mayor and Council Members.

When I moved to Victoria in 2013, I got involved with the Victoria Cannabis Buyer’s Club and was extremely relieved when they did not charge me any money to join.  Living on a meagre disability and senior’s pension makes paying service fees impossible if you still want to eat food in the same month.  The Buddha Balls (an excellent meal replacement) and the Daytime Buddies from the club have assisted me in the management of my “chronic daily pain and a myriad of health issues” to regaining a quality of health and energy that enabled me to gain employment.  At the tender age of 61 this is no small feat to accomplish.  But accomplish it I did, with the assistance of the edibles and topicals from the VCBC, as well as the Vancouver Island Compassion Society.  The massage oils are excellent for pain management and the wonderful added bonus of better skin as well.  I am very happy to announce that I recently celebrated a year’s anniversary with my current employer and did not miss one day of work due to illness.

vcbc-logo-mid-transparentDue to my severely compromised immune system I have to be so careful of what I ingest.  At the VCBC I am, always guaranteed that the products are organic, free of herbicides, pesticides or growth hormones.  In my 3 years of membership at the club, the dosage has been always been consistent and I have never suffered any side effects.

In fact as long as I follow a certain regime with the edible products from the VCBC, my days are filled with great joy and amazement at the continuing improvement in my health.  The very knowledgeable staff at the club, have been extremely helpful in regard to assisting me find the right products for all my health issues.

What I am especially pleased with is that the edible products from the VCBC are assisting me to gain control of a 48 year nicotine addiction, better than any hypnotist or quit smoking program ever did.  The edible products take away the cravings to where I do not even want to use an e-cigarette or any prescriptions from the doctors.

vcvc vapor loungeFrom a recreational aspect, as a newcomer to Victoria, the VCBC member vapour lounge proved to be a great benefit to me, not only as a safe place to ingest my medicine, but to also meet new and wonderful friends in an  alcohol free environment.  I also extend many thanks to Mayor and Council for allowing the vapour lounge to remain open and working with the VCBC so that patients may still use the products that have helped them for so many years.

What Mayor and Council are doing will inspire new environmental and socially conscientious businesses, industry and employment to Vancouver Island as well.  There is so much room for everyone to proper in so many ways.  Most importantly, and especially, the benefits people will receive in the area of health care.  Please accept this letter as my utmost thanks and appreciation for working with the Victoria Cannabis Buyer’s Club to find solutions that work for everyone.



Deborah Diduck

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