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  • The Extract Trial: Issue of Standing

    (Title image: Vancouver Sun) (This is part of a series of blogs by Owen Smith on the Medical Cannabis Extract Trial) On a cold December morning, 4 years after my arrest, I attended the BC Court of Appeal to witness the oral arguments of the two crown prosecutors and my lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, in front […]

  • Cookies in High Court: Appeal Takes Smith to Ottawa – PRESS RELEASE

    For Immediate Release   Thurs Sept 11, 2014   Victoria, B.C.: The federal crown has decided to go to the Supreme Court of Canada to determine whether patients should have access to cannabis extracts, appealing the Aug 14 BC Court of Appeal decision in the Smith case.  No date has been set yet.  For many […]

  • Cookie Trial Chips Away at MMAR

    By Ted Smith A huge sigh of relief swept through the courtroom when Justice Johnson quickly announced the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations were unconstitutional on the morning of Fri. Apr. 13, 2012, in the case of Owen Smith, former head baker for the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada. It was not a surprise. Shock struck […]

  • Raids Against Compassion

    By Ted Smith A series of raids against medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada, has changed the direction the movement seemed to be going. While new clubs are still opening, as you can read in Kyla’s article, police have issued warrants against seven medical cannabis dispensaries in Ontario and Quebec, since Mar. 31. Just before that, […]

  • CBCoC Bakery Raid

    BY: TED SMITH Despite their humble appearance, cookies may bring big changes to the cannabis laws in Canada. On the surface, cannabis cookies look no different than any other. Legally, however, cannabis cookies create a complex problem that has huge medical and economic implications. Victoria police are tired of hearing about pot cookies; the public […]