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  • Publishers Note: Highly Exciting Times

    By Ted Smith When Owen Smith was arrested for baking cookies over 5 years ago, there was no doubt in my mind that history was being made.  Since that fateful day, when he walked out of the apartment with no handcuffs and his head held high, Owen has been a modern hero.  At the press […]

  • Extract Trial: Dieter MacPherson and The V-CBC

    The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (V-CBC) is the beating heart of the Extract Trial. With thousands of active members, the discreet downtown Victoria dispensary founded by Ted Smith has served medical cannabis patients since 1996. The club barely skipped a beat after I was arrested and has since expanded and improved upon their product line. […]

  • Living the Supreme Dream

    By Ted Smith Last Friday March 20 was a dream come true for myself and many other cannabis activists. Normally I would say you had to be there, but in this case there is actually a recording that will forever show the government dismally fail in its defense of the medical cannabis regulations.  Over the […]

  • Appeal decision soon in cannabis extract case

      It has been just over 6 months since the BC Court of Appeal heard arguments in the Owen Smith cannabis derivatives case.  The stakes are high on both sides, and the results of this decision could be far broader than anyone realized.  In fact, this case make make it virtually impossible for the federal […]

  • Access to Extracts

    Science, Reason and a chance for Compassion   by Owen Smith Designated Growers in BC can legally make Extracts On May 31st 2013 Judge Johnston extended his decision from my Voir Dire (trial within a trial) in 2012, granting Designated Growers (DG’s) in British Columbia the right to make cannabis derivative products like hash, oils […]