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  • Note From the Editor: The Canadian Cannabis Scene

    Judith Stamps Anyone with an eye on the Canadian federal political scene will have noticed that some of our provinces have begun to choke on the prospect of putting together a retail scheme for cannabis. Mewling like kittens, Saskatchewanians, for example, have begun to beg the feds to put off legalizing for an extra year. […]

  • Editors Note: Arrests and Liberal Legalization

    It is difficult to write a cheery note in the midst of raids on dispensaries, relentless arrests (some 60,000 at last count), and the stress imposed on Canadian patients, trying to find sympathetic doctors, just too few and too far between. It is hard to feel uplifted when newfangled racketeers, who charge patients three to […]

  • Ruminations From the Cannabis Digest Editor

    (image: animalnewyork) By Judith Stamps Here is one of my favourite fantasies.  It is some time in the future.   The war on drugs is defunct, and cannabis is legal.  We are in the midst of a cultural renaissance.  The film industry is on fire, producing new ‘post prohibition movies’ every year.  Literary fiction on cannabis […]

  • A Rant from the Cannabis Digest Editor

    A Rant From The Editor By Judith Stamps This is a unique time for public education on the subject of cannabis.  The movements toward legalization have achieved more in the past two years than in the previous forty.   We’re witnessing an implosion:  militarization of the police exposed, the brutality of civil forfeiture exposed, lies exposed.  […]