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  • Ancient North American Hempsters

    Hopewell Mound Builders, Did Native Americans grow cannabis? The use of hemp throughout the ancient world is extensive and diverse.  Even in North America there is solid proof that indigenous people were making hemp fabric thousands of years ago.  In this first video of the second chapter of my book, HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND […]

  • Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials

    By Owen Smith Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials In the previous edition, I pursued the historical records of medical cannabis use around the world. For much of its documented medical history cannabis preparations and applications have taken advantage of simple processes that separate the active chemicals (cannabinoids and terpenes) from the plant bulk. However, during […]

  • Will The Pot Laws Fall Again?

    By Ted Smith Every once in a while, a court case determines the direction of Canadian society. It is a rare occasion when unique circumstances challenge the courts to strike a balance between individual freedoms and public security. Often precedent helps guide a judge towards generally accepted principals of justice that predetermine rules of evidence, […]

  • Medical Marijuana: A Note of Caution

    By Dr. Lester Grinspoon, M.D. Like everyone else who has been working over decades to ensure that marijuana, with all that it has to offer, is allowed to take its proper place in our lives, I have been heartened by the rapidly growing pace at which it is gaining understanding as a safe and versatile […]

  • Justice Matters

    By Jesse Stamm Greetings Digest readers. This time, Ted has requested that I comment on the current rules surrounding driving and consumption of drugs or medications. For the purposes of the Criminal Code and the Motor Vehicle Act, the two laws which govern driving in B.C., drugs used solely for recreational purposes, and drugs which […]

  • A LEAP Forward for Nanaimo

    By Blair Hedley John Anderson, a professor of Criminology at Vancouver Island University, was recently made the Nanaimo area speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I got in touch with him in late Nov., and he told me all about it. To start with, what exactly are a LEAP speaker’s duties? Well, I think you […]