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  • Gayle Quin: Cannabis Medicine Woman

    (Gayle in her backyard overlooking her pond) I owe my introduction to preparing cannabis medicines to one woman, Gayle Quin.  Years before I began my work as a cannabis baker at the local dispensary, I met Gayle at a series of Hempology101 student club meetings at my college. Gayle is the life partner of Ted […]

  • Updates, Warnings, and Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin Happy Summer! I hope you’ve had as much fun this spring as I have. The Reach For the Pot Tournament has been exceptionally quick and high scoring this season. With teams very closely matched, there has been lots of excitement for teams and on-lookers alike. I’d like to give a big thanks […]

  • Gayle Quin Medicine Woman

    You can’t spend much time down at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club before a wonderful sound catches your ear—the sound of Gayle Quin laughing. It runs through everything, charging it with spirit—another kind of medicine. This is to say that Gayle rarely takes a breath without letting it laugh on the way out, and that […]