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By Gayle Quin

Happy Summer! I hope you’ve had as much fun this spring as I have. The Reach For the Pot Tournament has been exceptionally quick and high scoring this season. With teams very closely matched, there has been lots of excitement for teams and on-lookers alike. I’d like to give a big thanks to all the players, and hope too see you again next year. We’ll let you know the winners of the coveted trophy bongs next issue. Check out the shows on Hempology 101’s YouTube channel.

I Hope everyone had a Happy Cannabis Day! In Victoria, we host a 420 on the front steps of the courthouse. Glad so many could make it out for all the fun, and if you missed it, there is always next year! After all the long hours we have spent inside the courthouse, it’s great to go have fun outside the courthouse.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Marco Renda for hosting the 4th Treating Yourself Expo, in Toronto. Ted and I finally got to attend with the Hempology 101 textbook and Cannabis Digest in tow. It was a very busy and exciting three days. We met many new contacts for products and advertising, saw lots of folks we don’t see often, and many folks who had come to one of Hempology’s East Coast Conventions (we’ll be back this November!), as well as made many new friends. I lead a very blessed life!

Also, a great big thanks to all the new advertisers in the Cannabis Digest.

We are excited to be going on a book tour to Whitehorse this summer. Ted and I are driving north of Dawson Creek for the first time ever. I am really looking forward to the trip. After that, an exciting date to double circle on the calendar is Sept. 4—for a couple of different reasons. School will be starting, so we’ll be holding the first UVic 420 of the year, back inside Ring Rd. Hempology 101 successfully relocated to the Quad in Apr. after student requests had been ignored by the Administration over the last year. You can read all about the Reeferendum on our website. Sep. 4th is also Hempology 101’s 18th Anniversary!

Tradition has us meeting in Centennial Square at 7 p.m.. After a short talk and smoke break, we march to the Legislative Buildings for a big talk and smoke-out on the front steps. We also have a photo op for the coming year’s post card, so feel free to dress up—lots of folks do. Did I mention we smoke our brains out on the front steps of the Leg? It isn’t a long walk, but it sure is a lot of fun. Tourists are usually awestruck. This is a sure case of “the more, the merrier”!

The week after that, on Sept. 11, will be the first lecture of the year. Ted teaches a free, non-credited lecture covering 22 different cannabis/hemp related topics each year. We also get guest speakers for some of the lectures. Watch past lectures on Hempology 101’s YouTube channel. See you at 3 p.m. in Cinecenta in the SUB (student union building).

The next important date to remember is Oct. 1. No, Halloween isn’t early this year—I wish—but it is Hempology 101’s Annual General Meeting. Come and hear what we have been up to, what we hope to get up to, and voice what you would like us to get up to. We like to get high, so the sky’s the limit! In fact, at high noon that day we are organizing rallies across the country to protest Health Canada’s new medical regulations. Patients are losing their right to grow medicine, which is a terrible step backwards. Please go to your MP’s office at noon that day to join the protests!

I have sad news—the bus donated to Hempology 101 is a bust. The inspector would not let it leave the lot as its framework is rotten.

We are expanding our product line again. Beyond the regular and ginger cannoil, we have started to make Indica and Sativa dominant cannoils, as well as the regular mixed one. The Indica oil is calming, sedative, anti-spasmotic, a strong muscle relaxant, analgesic, etc. The Sativa oil is uplifting stimulating, analgesic, anti-tumoral, etc. We are going to start capsulation of these edible oils soon, as we do the Ryanol and Stalkenol. I would like to remind you that one or two drops of cannoil rubbed onto your forehead is a good way to get rid of frontal lobe headaches.

I’d like to add to this article a very special thank you for ever and ever to my precious, departed parents one more time, like I do every night. Not only do I have them to thank for my life and those of my brothers and sisters, but without their inheritance I would not have ever been able to go on the trip of my life. I was supposed to take Ted on a holiday just after Mom died, but within months I was having my right breast and 20 lymph nodes removed, after finally getting a doctor to listen to me. It’s been a long recovery, but yesterday I got the results of my two year check up and I am still cancer free! I just can’t thank everyone enough for their love and good thoughts, for without each and every one of you, I would not be any way near as well as I am. My naturopath was amazed at the results considering my age, she said.

Back to the trip of my life. Which was to Jamaica! I hope you have been enjoying the photos on facebook and YouTube. It was unbelievably awesome! Many, many thanks to John Vergados of Skunk Magazine, and Vincent of Pure Garden Resort, for their supreme generosity of hosting the first ever Canadian Cannabis Activists retreat in Jamaica. We were all offered a week of free rent, food, and ganja. Jah bless us all.

Ted and I could only make the last three days of the gathering because of prior commitments at home. When we inquired of rates and other places to visit, John insisted we stay the next week for free as well! I’m very glad we stayed because we could afford to hire the resort’s driver Brian, and spent many happy hours with him exploring west half of Jamaica. We had our own kitchen, so the first thing we did was buy a half a pound of ganja for $80, and some coconut oil. I infused the coconut oil and made cornmeal pancakes for everyone. The cooks say I can have the kitchen any time I want when I come back! The resort is right across the road from the beach, so there is swimming any time you want.

Going to Bob Marley’s Mausoleum was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. The energy in the space makes your hairs stand up and your soul start to sing. I asked, and was able, to leave a Mount Tzouhalem diamond I’d been imprinting with Bob’s One Love message at his head. I start crying every time I think of the place. We got to see crocodiles swimming around and suntanning. We got to go swimming in waterfalls and warm ocean waters. It was paradise. They need a lot of help though, as the government looks after itself first, and things like garbage collection later. I look forward to reading articles from our new Rastafarian connection, Kahleb. You can see a video of me cooking in Jamaica on Urban Grower’s and Mark Kush’s YouTube pages, and photos of the trip on Hempology 101’s YouTube page.

Right now I am sitting on the ferry off to the Kush Cup. I will tell you all about it next time. Love Gayle.

p.s. If you have been trying to reach me, my old email address is dead. Now reach me at <mjmedicinewoman@gmail.com>

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