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A Review of High Times’ Forty-Year Self-Published History

  In 1974, late activist Thomas Forçade invented and began publishing the pro-marijuana magazine, High Times.  This year the magazine turns forty.  In honour of its birthday Forçade’s Trans High Corporation has published the retrospective:  High Times:  A 40-Year History of the World’s Most Infamous Magazine—self-styled both a “visual history” and a “coffee table book.”  […]

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Steven Hager’s Temple Dragons:  Transformative Security in the Age of Cannabis Activism

    The 1960s counterculture fostered movements for organic food, natural childbirth, civil rights, participatory democracy, and new concepts of community based on non-violence, non-commercialism and unfettered joy.  Activists of this era created change by altering frames of reference, frames that determined how they and others understood the world.  They invented consciousness-altering events: street theatre, […]