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  • Publishers Note: From Activist to Lobbyist

    We are experiencing a historic moment, one much bigger than most people realize. Legalizing cannabis will not change the world overnight, but with the flick of a switch we are turning on the most potent plant this world has to offer. If you are tuned into the vibe, it is electric, vibrant and ready to […]

  • Cannabis Industry Reaches Out to Business Lobby Group

    With legalization stampeding ahead, many long-term cannabis activists are very concerned about unnecessary regulations and over-taxation.  A report issued this month by a task force has informed the federal government about the current situation and made a series of recommendations that contain good, bad and ugly suggestions that the Liberals will take into consideration when […]

  • Lobbying For Craft Cannabis

    Michael Geoghegan Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn has made no secret of the fact she wants marijuana in Ontario sold exclusively through government liquor stores, or the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) as they are known there, when the Trudeau government gets around to legalizing weed next year. As the Toronto Star reported a a […]