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  • Cannabis in Costa Rica – Part 3

    What will the new law look like? In the previous blogs I gave my personal impression of prohibition in Costa Rica and I looked at the likelihood that the Costa Rica Medicinal Cannabis Movement would succeed in their attempts to trigger a referendum to legalize medical cannabis.  If they gather all of the signatures they […]

  • Pot Laws Fall…Again

    By Matt Mernagh It was like winning the World Wrestling Federation heavy weight title or the Stanley Cup. The winning feeling was truly so overwhelming that I didn’t know how to respond. The sensation lasted for days. I think I did pretty good responding to the flood of media coverage. Canada’s legalization court ruling even […]


    By Kristen Mann Jack began life in New York State on June 18, 1939, two years after the criminalization of cannabis in America, and at the brink of the Second World War. Jack lead a fairly normal child- hood, however, he lost his father at the beginning of his adolescence. At 17, during the height of […]