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  • Why We Protest When Politicians Are Not Listening

    One of the most potent forms of activism is protesting on the street but getting large numbers and media attention is difficult to generate.  Typically only politicians in opposition parties will attend rallies, with those in power heavily protected from hearing voices of discontented citizens.  While this may deter some from organizing small scale protests, […]

  • Twenty One Years Of Marches, Hotboxes and Cannabis Education

    Supporters of the International Hempology 101 Society will gather Weds Sept 7 to celebrate 21 years of activism in Victoria, B.C. with an annual march from city hall to the provincial legislature.  With so many things to celebrate, this festive event features costumed cannabis mascots and a large cloud of smoke on the front steps […]

  • July 1st is Cannabis Day

    On July 1st, come celebrate an alcohol-free Cannabis Day with Hempology 101 and Cannabis Digest. Join us on the front steps of the Blanshard Courthouse in Victoria, BC for REACH FOR THE POT, Canada’s Cannabis Gameshow.  Be there for 4:20 as one High Host (Ted Smith) asks two Stoned Teams 10 rounds of Fun Cannabis […]

  • Is April 20 Ready To Become An International Holiday?

    Ted Smith As the United Nations gathers a Special Assembly on global drug policy in New York City, cannabis enthusiasts around the world will celebrate the changing landscape the entire day of April 20.  With victories big and small to celebrate in almost every country on the globe, there has never been so much hope […]

  • UVic 420 Holding Its Ground

    After 16 years of weekly 420 circles at the University of Victoria campus security are still making appearances trying to stop the UVSS Hempology 101 club from protesting.  However, the club has held firm, despite the my arrest for trafficking in 2000 and smoking bylaws that came into effect in 2011.  Last week, though, the […]