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  • Cannabis Sativa. One Plant, Two Laws

    A Tale of Two Seeds Kristen Mann For years we have been looking forward to the legalization of this amazing plant but let us not forget that low THC cannabis (hemp) is already legal to grow in Canada and has been since May 1998. However, if you or I wanted to grow a bit of […]

  • Interview with House of The Great Gardener

    By Owen Smith When I was arrested and charged in 2009 for “trafficking THC” by making cannabis products for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (V-CBC), I had a choice to make. Either I could choose the short road and strike some kind of plea bargain with the crown prosecution to have my charges reduced or […]

  • Marc Emery Returns to Canada

    By Ted Smith No event in cannabis activism around the world has been as highly anticipated as the release of Marc Emery.  After spending over 4 years trapped in various US jails, the Prince of Pot is getting ready to return to his native homeland to begin the next chapter of his life.  No one […]

  • EDITORIAL: Save the Seeds Like our Lives Depend on it

    Andrew Brown Editor I want to branch into a topic an arm’s length away from cannabis/reform activism for this editorial, and speak about a pressing issue facing us on a global level—seed security. I figure that as it appears cannabis is on the cusp of being somewhat legalized for big business, while remaining (and possibly […]