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  • Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Terpenes

    Click on the first and last letter to cross it off the list! [game-wordsearch id=”13025″ ]

  • Indica vs. Sativa: A False Dichotomy

  • Cannabis Terpene Infographic

    (Special Thanks to GreenCamp for submitting this awesome interactive infographic)   You might have noticed that not all strains smell the same. Pine, berry, mint…There’s more than a few distinctive fragrances in cannabis… Read More Here

  • How to Make Flavorful and Potent Cannabis – Extended

    (This is the extended version of an earlier article – Read it Here) Dr. David Allen The RTM (Rootless Transport Mechanism) or Dr. Allen’s Procedure and the simple principal of Osmosis and Tonicity The Rootless Transport Mechanism or RTM procedure is a way to flavor your cannabis any flavor you choose. With this technique I make […]

  • How to Grow Flavorful Potent Cannabis

    David B. Allen M.D. msbluesman@cableone.net The Rootless Transport Mechanism There is an easy way to deliver substances to your plant leaves by capillary action. This can be done by bypassing the plants roots. Much like a rose or other flower in a vase of water, cannabis can uptake fluids and actually remain “alive” if the […]

  • The Cannabis – Terpene Synergy

    When selecting among varieties of dried cannabis at a dispensary, members will often ask to smell the particular strain for it’s signature scent. The musky smell commonly associated with the Kush family comes from an abundance of a terpene called Myrcene, known for it’s sedative effects, also found in hops (Humulus), the only other member of […]

  • How Black Pepper relieves Cannabis Anxiety

    By Owen Smith While working at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club I was able to teach some of the members about Black Pepper. While benefiting from the medicinal effects of THC, these patients suffered from bouts with anxiety while medicating. Most patients who have tried this simply took a few sniffs of the black pepper to receive an […]