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  • Blazing a Trail for Medical Cannabis Access

    Into the Breach, Part 2 (Read into the Breach Part 1) “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela Chris Clay In the fall of 2014, I found myself seriously experimenting with cannabis for the first time […]

  • Op-ed: The Moral “High” Ground

    Tilray has announced they are leaving the CMCIA, the nascent Canadian Medical Cannabis Association, because the group wouldn’t adhere to to ‘morals and ethics’ of the US-owned mega producer. They have instead decided to form their own industry association called the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council. That’s right, ethics and morals. You see, Tilray is saying […]

  • Tilray Bulldog Attacks Dispensaries

    By Ted Smith On Thurs May 14, 2015, the Victoria City Council is expected to formally request city staff to prepare bylaws to license medical cannabis dispensaries.  While the vast majority of local citizens have expressed support for this development, a local consultant has decided to jump into the fray with a letter so biased […]

  • The Dawn of Corporate Pot

    (image CBC – the Current) By Dean Schwind I have been ranting about the coming corporate pot apocalypse for a little while now. Any OG will tell you that they can sniff out a cartel in the pot world like they can sniff out mold in the grow room. It clear to many of us […]

  • Cannabis Strains: From Slang to Science

        (image: modernman) As medical marijuana hits the mainstream, and sales representatives from Licensed Producers make their way into physician’s offices and medical forums to pitch their wares, an important conversation about cannabis strain names and marketing is taking place within the medical community.    At this year’s Family Medicine Forum, physicians on both sides of the […]