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  • The Extract Trial: Kirk Tousaw

    By Owen Smith Kirk Tousaw is one of Canada’s top Cannabis lawyers. Born in the state of Michigan, Kirk has been an advocate for cannabis legalization since high school. He obtained a degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy before moving to Vancouver in 2002. There he completed his Masters thesis on the “Malmo-Levine case” […]

  • Kirk Tousaw on RvSmith in the Supreme Court of Canada

    By Kirk Tousaw I recently had the privilege of arguing the R v. Smith medical cannabis extract case before the Supreme Court of Canada. That case involves whether the government’s medical cannabis regime violates the Charter because it restricts patients – even those who have qualified for exemptions from the general prohibition due to medical […]

  • Dine and Discuss ‘the Extract Trial’ with Kirk Tousaw and Owen Smith

    Join Kirk Tousaw and Owen Smith on February the 18th 2015 from 6pm until 10 for an evening of dining and discussion at Victoria’s Cabin 12. Tickets are available at 826 Johnson Street for $50. Proceeds from this event will help take the case for medicinal extracts to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa […]

  • Supreme Court Extract Case Set for March

    By Ted Smith On March 20, 2015, patients and activists from across the country will descend upon the Supreme Court of Canada to witness the first medical cannabis case ever heard by the high court.  Owen Smith, former head baker of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, will be in the front row to watch his […]

  • High Court Calls for Extract Interveners

    (image by Mark Lehtimaki) By Ted Smith Though a final date for Owen Smith to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada has not been set yet, Chief Justice McLachlin has formally invited interveners to file and given lawyers on both sides clear dates for submitting documents.  Many patients, caregivers, scientists and investors across Canada […]

  • Harsh Laws

    A lawyer’s view on new mandatory minimum sentences By Kirk Tousaw In Nov. 2012, the Harper Conservative government ushered in new mandatory sentencing legislation for certain Controlled Drugs and Substances Act offences. Despite criticism from outside and inside government, and clear evidence that such sentences are harmful to the criminal justice system and society, the […]