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  • Gardens Vs. Factories

    (Image By Mark Lehtimaki) Patients Fight to Keep Control of their Health, Plants and Cookies “My doctors told me I’d never walk again, never talk again. Marijuana is the difference maker,” Davey said. For the first time ever, a judge has heard arguments in the Federal Court of Canada between patients and the government on […]

  • Trial by Fire – Part 3

    A Retrospective Look at the Future of Canadian Drug Policy (Part 3 of 3) BY RYAN FINK What I see forming through these trials and tribulations is a kind of symbiosis between the courts and various activist groups, mediated by the now random and circumstantial police interventions that result from nothing more than broken laws. […]

  • Standardizing Medicinal Cannabis Extracts

    By Owen Smith In a previous blog I mentioned a number of medical cannabis products that are being developed around the world. All of these products require at least the basic extraction of the medicinal ingredients from the bulk of the cannabis plant. Although it is difficult pioneering work, medical cannabis groups have been diligently […]

  • Baker’s Journey Through Court

    Baker’s Journey Through Court Smith acquitted, Crown will appeal extract ruling By Owen Smith   In the past two articles (Concentrating on Cannabinoids and Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials) , I explored in detail some of the pivotal points that came from the recent successful constitutional challenge that I helped bring before the Supreme Court […]

  • Cookie Trial to Commence in May

    By Ted Smith Beginning on May 19 and 20 with the preliminary inquiry, the bakery trial of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada is bound to set precedent and determine federal policies. We need your help, to use this opportunity, to educate the public about the benefits of eating or topically applying cannabis for various […]