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  • EDITORIAL: Protect Your Family From Prohibition

    Here we are heading back into the season of holidays. We just celebrated Thanksgiving, now comes Halloween, Remembrance Day, the “insert your faith December celebration,” and New Year’s Eve. Regardless of whether you take much stock in these, they are days that you can use to reflect. As we spend these days with our families […]

  • Sacrament or Demon Weed

    Churches struggle to accept cannabis while some call to end drug war Cannabis and I did not cross paths, in any real way, until I was in my mid-twenties. Like a child who had just discovered the truth about Santa Clause, I had to compare notes with my peers despite the taboo. As a former […]

  • Welcome to our Blogs, and a New Canadian Order

    Wow!    I think that is the only word I can use to describe the way I’m feeling right now. I feel like common sense received a right fist between the eyes, jostling loose the proverbial third eye of Canadian society, only to have it fall into the hands of a Stalin-esk  dictator who will cash […]

  • Team 420

    To the amusement of onlookers, Herb the 12 foot tall marijuana leaf mascot of Team 420 and Hempology 101 made his way through the streets of Vancouver spreading good cheer and mellow vibes during the annual Vancouver Sun Run, last May. While outpacing many of his fellow runners, Herb had a little difficulty manoeuvring past […]

  • A Note From The Publisher

    Ted Smith Time to get in the game, herb lovers! Seriously, if you believe cannabis should be legal then it is time for you to do something about it. Most people feel alienated from the political structures that created prohibition and are reluctant to become involved in letter writing campaigns, street rallies, or fundraising. Instead […]

  • California Dreaming

    “The Vote to Change the World” read headlines around the world. A hush seemed to fall as people had only dared to hope this day would come. Barely breathing, the whole world was watching. Go California, Go! You can do it if anybody can! Wow, legalized recreational cannabis on the continent in my lifetime! A […]