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Cannabis Conversations at the Victoria Library Cancelled

Ted Smith

It is with deep regret that I am announcing the cancelation of the monthly debates the International Hempology 101 Society had planned on starting at the downtown library on May 12.  A number of factors have forced me to concede that I am personally stretched to my maximum and that the extra stress of trying to help find speakers, book the room and promote the events is too great right now.  While I had tried to form a team around me to help with this project, it is clear that putting this together is much more of a struggle than I anticipated.  As president of the society and coordinator of this project, I feel it is better to pull the plug on this before it gets started.  With so much stress already in my life, starting this project was not a very good idea in the first place.  Our non-profit society will continue publishing the Cannabis Digest and hosting events in Victoria throughout the year.

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