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Cannabis Weekly Video Digest: Sep 11-19 2014

Did you miss something from the Cannabis Digest this week?  Here is your chance to catch up.

Owen Smith brings you the Cannabis Digest News from September 11th-18th 2014



Show Notes


Cookies In High Court: Appeal Takes Smith To Ottawa – PRESS RELEASE Sept 11 2014

Cookies in High Court: Appeal Takes Smith to Ottawa – PRESS RELEASE – Cannabis Digest

“I find it distressing that our government will spend buckets of tax dollars fighting against sick people’s right to ingest physician approved cannabis medicine in the form of cookies.  I look forward to the opportunity to defend patients’ Charter rights before the highest court in the land.  This is an historic moment because the Supreme Court of Canada has never heard a medical cannabis case.”




Synthetic THC Pills or Whole Plant Cannabis? – Cannabis Digest

Why does whole plant cannabis trump synthetic THC Pills?

One of the most important distinctions between synthetic THC and whole plant cannabis is the presence of CBD

“In recent years, the whole plant “synergistic shotgun” approach has gained ground over the single ingredient “silver bullet” method. One of the most important distinctions between synthetic THC and whole plant cannabis is the presence of CBD. CBD antagonizes THC by competing to fill the cannabinoid receptor site. Doctors have been distributing synthetic THC pills (Marinol, Cesamet, Nabilone) for decades, now patients and scientists agree that CBD and other cannabinoid compounds play an essential role in the beneficial effects of whole plant cannabis.”




Middle-Aged Rebel: Rabelais First To Write Cannabis Stories – Cannabis Digest

exploration into the subconscious using mind altering substances was once a favourite activity of the curious

“Rabelais published a series of books known as Gargantua and Pantagruel, parables about a giant and his son that were intended to make a mockery of the established order.  Throughout his books he refers to the good herb but it is not until the fifth that it is identified as hemp.  He is also among the first known to speak of a magic bean, a theme that was used by later alchemist to transmit knowledge.”




Advertising Marijuana II: Political Distortions in Canada and the US – Cannabis Digest

“When advertisements must fit a puritanical setting, they try their best to look like they are purging demons”


“One form of advertising is packaging. In 2011, marijuana opponents in Colorado, aided by The Colorado Drug Investigation Association, tried to pass a bill prohibiting all commercial edibles containing cannabis. In their defense, they cited two products: Pot Tarts, an imitation of a Pop Tart, and Cap’n Chronic, an imitation of Cap’n Crunch. The sponsors claimed that Pot Tarts were showing up in schoolyards. They provided product images. Happily, this bill did not get far. That’s because the defending attorney did some research…on Google. It turns out that Pot Tarts were once produced in a bakery in Oakland, California. The bakery was closed in 2006. There were never any Pot Tarts in Colorado. As for Cap’n Chronic, he was an image on a T-shirt sold at Spencer’s Gifts. He was never a food.”




Cannabis Digest Launches new Youtube Channel – Cannabis Digest

Cannabis Digest Launches it’s Youtube Page




After 16 years of weekly 420 circles at the U.Vic., campus security are still making appearances trying to stop the UVSS Hempology 101 club from protesting

UVic 420 Holding Its Ground




Read for yourself the unchallenged scientific facts that were accepted by Justice Johnston of the BC Supreme Court in April of 2012 and are headed to Ottawa

First ever Medical Cannabis case to reach the Supreme Court of Canada



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Owen Smith
Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. Owen’s articles are closely related to his constitutional challenge to legalized cannabis edibles extracts and oils. He is the founder of Ethical Growth Consulting

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