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  • The Decline of Islamic Hashish Culture

    An excerpt from the forthcoming book Cannabis and the Soma Solution (Pt.1) By Chris Bennett Current Canadian and European Government attempts to link cannabis with schizophrenia through funded studies, have their historical predecessors in nineteenth century India and the Mid East, when Britain and other European countries tried to demonize the effects of indigenous cannabis […]

  • CBCoC Bakery Raid

    BY: TED SMITH Despite their humble appearance, cookies may bring big changes to the cannabis laws in Canada. On the surface, cannabis cookies look no different than any other. Legally, however, cannabis cookies create a complex problem that has huge medical and economic implications. Victoria police are tired of hearing about pot cookies; the public […]

  • Marc Emery’s Fight of His Life

    Marc speaks about activism, extradition, and the road from London to Vancouver It is unusual in this era of politics for members from opposing political parties to combine the efforts and agree that something is important. On Mon. Mar. 15, this is exactly what happened. It was a victory, of sorts, for Marc Emery, and […]


    Andrew Brown Editor Welcome to the freshly revamped Cannabis Digest! I am pleased to be able to help out Ted, the awesome staff and members of the CBC of C, and all the current and future readers. I have spent many hours working on this paper —toiling between all of my other commitments and responsibilities […]


    Ted Smith These are exciting times for those of us who have been working hard over the years to bring Hempology 101 to fruition. The transformation of our newsletter turning into this newspaper is one of many proj- ects that our group is involved with. Estab- lishing Cannabis Digest as a leading canna- bis publication […]

  • Alberta Update

    From Our friends in calgary Updates and events put on by the Alberta420 crew By Keith Fagin The first annual 420 Film Festival in Calgary was held at the Plaza Theatre on Tuesday Apr. 20, 2009, in the trendy Cal- gary community of Kensington. The 420 Film Fest enjoyed strong support from 420 film makers […]

  • Bites From The Bakery

    By Owen Smith Greetings Cannabis Digesters! My name is Owen, and I’ve been baking for the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada for the past 18 months. Learning how to produce the 29 edible and skin products from our for- mer bakers Gayle, Leslie, Ted, Kathleen, Colby, Ryan, Zoe, and Steve has been a valuable experience […]

  • Updates, Warnings, And Suggestions

    By Gayle Quin & Ted Smith This is a most exciting start to the new year. There have been no charges laid in connection with the Bake-Op. We have just celebrated our 14th Anniversary of the Club with a small party at the store. A big thanx to everyone who helped make food, and helped […]

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    Publisher Ted Smith <> Int. Hempology 101 Society Victoria 826 Johnson Street V8W 1N3 Editor Andrew Brown <> Contributors Gayle Quin Owen Smith Matt Elrod Kristen Mann Kyla Williams Chris Bennett Dave Nelson Keith Fagin Mark Knowles Jimmy Nguyễn Hoàng Duy Jeremy Bezooyen Brandi Woods Cover image by: Owen Smith For advertising or general inquiries […]

  • Issue #24 Spring 2010

    Bakery Raided Contents Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Bites From the Bakery Bill C-15: Flawed by Design Publisher’s Note Editorial: Have Some Compassion Denise Savoie Marc Emery’s Fight of His Life≈ CBCoC Bakery Raid Islamic Hashish Culture Veterans for Cannabis Alberta Update U.K. Update Team 420 Review: The Union The State of Hemp Farming In North America […]